"Dar DEJEM" is an old medina house in five levels, including the roof terrace. In the ground/street level a small grocery shop is located. The main door of the house is next to the shop.


The house which was fully restored in traditional Moroccan style in 2008 consists of a hall, a salon, a kitchen, a dining room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace and a roof terrace. All rooms are quite small.


The house is fully equipped with white goods and table ware, bed linen, towels etc. for the comfortable life of 6 persons. Up to 10 persons may be housed for a short period.


Getting to Dar DEJEM


The house, “Dar Dejem”, is located inside the old medina in the "Quartier Dar Baroud".


The easiest way to get to the house is to go to Hotel Continental in the medina (NOT the Inter Continental Hotel, which is in the new part of Tangier). From the Hotel Continental it’s only a 100 meters walk to the house.


Driving is not possible/ allowed in the medina in general, but, the Continental Hotel has a parking, and cars (and taxis) may drive to the hotel.



                                             Floor Plan Drawings of Dar DEJEM















                                                          Practical Information





The water from the taps is to some extent potable.


The main water tap is found in the lower staircase above the main door. Additional water taps are installed in the bath rooms and the kitchen. The water tap for the terraces is found in the kitchen.






Gas is used for the kitchen stove. Gas bottles are bought (exchanged) at Mohamed’s shop in the ground floor.






The house is equipped with 220 volt only. All electrical installations are new (2008) and most switches/sockets are individually fused. Fuse boxes are found in the storage room (1st level), in the staircase (2nd level) and behind the shelves at the top of the staircase (3rd level and roof terrace).


Extra light bulbs are found in the “bulb box” in the storage room.




Electrical heaters


A number of electrical heaters (oil radiators) are available. The heaters may be plugged in any socket in the house. When not in use the heaters are stored in the storage room under the stairs.


The water heater has a capacity of 150 liters which is enough for several showers. The fuse for the water heater is in the fuse box in the storage room.



Fire place


The fire place should be lit slowly and may burn 24/7 with a low flame. Only absolutely dry wood should be used in the fire place in order to avoid smoke in the salon. Fire wood is stored under the staircase leading up to the roof terrace.




Terrace doors


The terrace doors are very tight. When closing the terrace doors the upper windows of the doors should be open in order to enable a solid grip for the pull/closing. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOORS BY PULLING THE DOOR HANDLES!






The climate in Tangier is quite humid and humidity is often causing problems in houses in the medina. Thus all rooms should be aired on a frequent basis. One of the windows in Bedroom 1, in the salon and the sky light at the top of the staircase should be open at all times and only be closed in case of strong rain.


All internal doors should be left open whenever leaving the house in order to ensure ventilation and airing of the house.


Powerful ventilators are installed in the bath rooms. The ventilators should ideally be operated at full power, but after a few minutes of operation the power may be reduced i.e. to reduce the noise.


In the kitchen the hood fan should be turned on when cooking in order to evacuate humidity and smell.



Roof terrace


The roof terrace is the main attraction of the house. Bare in mind that Europeans have a life style which may be very different from Moroccans and that any behavior/action observed at the terrace (and in and around the house in general) will be interpreted by the neighbors. Among Moroccans it is considered very impolite to stare or even look at the neighbors from the terrace.





Household garbage, including bottles, jars, cans etc., should be put in a sealed plastic bag and left outside the main door in the evening. The "night men" will then pick up the garbage when they clean the streets during the night.


Alternatively garbage may be dumped in one of the containers in the small square in front of Hotel Continental (about 75 meters from the house) - see map. It’s best to dump the garbage in the morning as the containers become quite full in the afternoon.




Getting Around


When living in the medina it is pretty easy to get around by foot. Alternatively taxis are easily available.


Petit Taxis are small taxis for transport of maximum three persons, and only within the city. The fare is calculated by the taxi meter, and if the taxi is not full the driver may stop and take additional passengers onboard.


Grand Taxis take up to six passengers and they go outside the city, i.e. to the airport, Cap Spartel or Azilah. The fare should be negotiated prior to the trip in order to avoid misunderstandings - or getting screwed!




TV & video and Internet


The TV in the salon is connected to DVD and CD player.


The house does currently not have internet connection. Wireles internet dongles and/or SIM cards are available in most "tele butiques".


There's an internet cafe located about 30 m from the house (Turn left when going out the main door and go right at the end of the street. The internet cafe is on the left hand side of the street). 





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